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Get Prepared for ZCE

Posted on: January 31, 2009

Recently I have sate for the ZCE (Zend Certified Engineer) exam on 28 January 2009, And I like to share my experience to all so that everyone can get prepared for ZCE Exam. However, Let me go to the topics.

The PHP 5 Certification exam covers the following topics:
PHP Basics
XML and Web Services
Object Oriented Programming
Streams/Network Programming
Design Pattern
PHP 4/5 Differences
Strings and Regular Expression
Databases Access
Web Features

Now let me say where you should study…

1) PHP Manual is the best reference to get prepared. This is not only the main reference but you must have deep eye on this tutorial if you are serious to be success. without following PHP Manual it is quite impossible to pass.
I suggest everyone to keep eyes on every functions mentioned into PHP Manual. Array Functions, String Functions and Database (MySQLi, PDO) and Exception handling are notable topics.

2) ZCE Study Guide You can get from but remember its not FREE.. you have spend a little money for this guide. You will learn from this guide Basic Language and basic of every topic. specially you will get knowledge from this guide on Security and Design Pattern etc…

3) Many PHP Forums You will learn manything from Forums and Newsgroup.

4) Mock Test Remember there is no similarity between mock and real exam but you will get some idea about your real exam.

5) Confidence if you do not have enough confidence you do not need to loss your valuable money 🙂


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thanks for sharing 🙂

Hi, how are you? I’m the new ZCE in BD.

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